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Hayti Film Festival Presentation on Black Future

  • 804 Old Fayetteville St, Durham NC 27701 USA (map)

The Tale of Four

Drama (US), Dir. Gabourey Sidibe. 23 mins.

The Tale of Four, Gabourey Sidibe’s directorial debut is a multi-layered story that spans one day in the life of four different women who are connected through their quest for love, agency and redemption. Inspired by Nina Simone’s song, “Four Women,” this narrative explores the inner lives of Aunt Sarah; bound and burdened by duty, Saffronia; who is searching for identity, Sweet Thing; who looks to reconcile sex with love and Peaches; who seeks justice for her son.

White Face

Drama (US), Dir. Mtume Gant. 21 mins.

New York Actor Charles Rogers hates his skin and all that hardship that comes with it. Feeling trapped by his race, Charles believes he has found the solution to his problems - change his appearance to embody 'Whiteness' - erase all that he has ever been and join the group he's believes he should be a part of. But is this ever possible?


New Neighbors

Drama (US), Dir. E.G. Bailey, Prods. E.G. Bailey & Sha Cage. 9 mins.

How far will a mother go to protect her children?



Comedy (US), Dir. Jason R. A. Foster. 13 mins.

A struggling actor deals with the trappings of having an inept agent, going to non-sensical audition and dealing with an oblivious customer--in the span of one day.


They Charge For the Sun

Drama/Sci-fi (US), Dir. Terence Nance. 16 mins.

In a dystopian future where people live nocturnally to avoid the harmful rays of the sun, a young black girl unravels the lie that has kept her and her sister in the dark.