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That One Time I Spoke On an HBO Panel....

This past Thursday I had the pleasure of speaking on a panel for The Defiant Ones, the new HBO 4-part documentary featuring Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre. On the panel was Phonte Coleman (Little Brother and The Foreign Exchange) and Gil Perkins (Words Live, Inc.). The event was a collaboration of Black Wall Street Homecoming and HBO. I thank them for such an incredible opportunity.


For an hour we and a packed house of attendees at The Carolina Theatre viewed the first episode. We learned about the early years for both Iovine and Dr. Dre. What stood out the most to me was their own persona relationships with fear. We all battle with it and it is our ability to overcome it or use it to propel us to success if the key.


During the panel I shared my own defiant story & path with Art of Cool/Art of Cool Festival and my reactions to the film. 

I am definitely taking on more speaking opportunities. Today I am emceeing the Festival for the Eno and next month I am speaking about Gun Violence at CAM Raleigh.

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