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Why am I launching this page? I’m already too busy to pick up one more thing….the answer is simple:

My life’s mission is to inspire others through putting big ideas into action.

I didn’t choose this mission or lifestyle  it was MOST DEFINITELY divinely given to me. And after many years of fighting, fearing and fussing about it...I’ve embraced it and now I’m ready to share.

So When Do I Clap? Usually this part about What We Do comes at the end of a blog and it will once I’ve done this sort of thing for a while. Because this is my first post my ‘team of advisors’ have demanded that I put this first.

Disclaimer: Over the past few years this concept has evolved, So When Do I Clap? has been a primer for jazz, a possible TV series pitch, and now a B2B strategy to inspire others (especially entrepreneurs) on their way to celebrated success.

My journey has been of waiting and of celebration. Along the way I've gained a doctorate, started an award-winning nonprofit, launched a successful festival, and successfully completed and assisted in several crowdfunding campaigns totaling over $100k. For more about my background take a peek at my "About Me" page. 

Now enough about me,  let’s get into it.

I love blogs but I’m too busy to read. I only click on things with lists, audio or video….and maybe hilarious memes. Call me trifling…Call me lazy….but one thing I will own is that I’m too busy… to expect me to read a blog….#aintnobodygottimeforthat 


So I want to design a blog that I can:

1.     Post 2-3 times per week

2.     Post content that can be listed fairly quickly that is relevant and shareable

3.     Inspire others

Live Music Recommendations This Week:

WED JAN 27TH: Brett’s Open Mic @ Beyu

THURS JAN 28TH: Aretha Franklin @ DPAC

FRI JAN 29TH: Tamisha Waden @ Beyu

SAT JAN 30TH: Jeff Bradshaw/Mumu Fresh @ The Pour House  


#BlackQueenExcellence – This is my current theme song.

Overcome (Laura Mvula ft. Nile Rodgers)


MANTRA THIS WEEK – Get what you deserve. That new job. That new bag. That manicure. That house. That new business. You deserve it.



Here are 2 artists that blew me away at Winter Jazz Fest:

Keyon Harrold – Watch for his album this year and his involvement with the Miles Ahead biopic


Somi – Attended her jazz showcase at WJF….you have to see her live. Great writing,

“Breath Deeper and Hold the Notes for a While” - Somi

If you watched the video then you know….live this week as if it was your “Last Song”!

You Can Clap Now!

Dr. CiCy